All About the Budget - UWPNW Legislative Update March 2, 2022

A healthy state revenue forecast has created the opportunity to make historic headway in the pursuit of housing affordability and combatting homelessness. Check out what the last week of the Legislative session may hold. Read more

House & Senate Ponder Budgets - UWPNW Legislative Update February 23, 2022

Both the House and Senate budget committees are pondering how to adjust the current two-year state spending plan in light of new revenue and spending information. This year offers opportunity to increase investments in affordable housing, education and health care. Read on. Read more

Legislative Deadline Tomorrow! - UWPNW Legislative Update - February 14, 2022

Tomorrow, February 15, is the deadline for bills to clear their legislative body of origin – making for a busy period of full Senate and House voting. Some bills have cleared this hurdle and others have not yet. Read on and consider adding your voice in support of these measures. Read more

Legislative Update - February 9, 2022 - United Way Pacific Northwest

The next important legislative deadline is February 15 when all bills must at least have been approved by the body it originated from. Therefore, only Senate bills approved by the Senate and House bills approved by the House after that date will be considered active for the remainder of 2022 session. Here’s a few bills to watch and possibly take action on this week.  Read more

United Way Pacific Northwest Washington Update - Action Alert!

This is the last week in the 2022 session for House committees to consider House bills and Senate committees to consider Senate bills (except for budget related legislation). As a result, we have a few action items to address – please sign in PRO below using the provided links.   Read more

United Way Pacific Northwest Washington Update - January 26 ,2022

Legislative committees are starting to take action on bills considered during the first weeks of session. While many of our issues will be dealt with in the supplemental budget, bills and hearings help build legislative support for funding United Way priorities. Read more

UWPNW Washington Update - January 19 , 2021

As usual for a short 60-day session, this year’s state Legislature is experiencing a flurry of activity as it approaches the end of its second week. Including new bills that build off of the work of our United Ways. Check it out!   Read more

United Ways of Pacific Northwest Washington Update - January 11,2022

Welcome to 2022. The Washington State Legislative Session has begun. . another mostly virtual session as a result of the rise in the COVID-19 Omicron variant. But your United Ways of Washington will be monitoring activity and sharing with you what we learn. New folks sign up for this newsletter.  We will try to send out information on a weekly basis. Here some news to get you started. Read more

UWPNW Washington Update - September 25, 2021

As we enter the fall season it's time to take stock of where we stand with federal and state COVID relief investments and other policy priorities and review how we can continue to meet the challenges of our times. Here’s some reminders and news from the United Ways of Washington Read more

UWPNW Washington Legislative Session Conclusion - April 29, 2021

The 2021 Washington State Legislative Session is over -- ending the first ever “virtual” session where legislators, advocates and lobbyists operated remotely, often from their homes, in an effort to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 spread. This year’s session resulted in a number of actions that will move the needle on priorities set by United Ways of the Pacific Northwest - Washington. Congratulations to you and your network for building good relations with your legislative delegation.  Read more


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