Areas of Work

Creating Pathways Out of Poverty

Our mission is to permanently break the cycle of poverty for our most vulnerable neighbors: families, students, veterans and the homeless.

Did you know that in LA County:

1 in 5 of our children lives in poverty?

58,423 people are homeless, 6,955 are veterans?

Only 71% of students graduate in L.A. County; 61% at LAUSD?

United Way’s Creating Pathways Out of Poverty plan combats poverty at its roots - lack of education, homelessness and financial instability and focuses on long-term solutions.

We do this by working side-by-side with public, private and non-profit sectors to tackle the root causes of poverty in a holistic and sustainable manner.

We build on programs and strategies with a proven success rate affecting a greater number of our neighbors and communities. And we use advocacy and public policy to change the ineffective systems that sustain the cycle of poverty.

Due to your investment of money, time and your voice we are already making progress in reaching our goals to end homelessness, increase graduation rates and improve financial stability for all in LA County.

Our partners

No one individual, organization or company can solve our community’s most pressing issues alone. Everyone plays a role in advancing bold and ambitious goals. But, everyone also benefits when we succeed in moving a homeless neighbor off the street, help a student graduate, or match families and veterans to resources needed to thrive.