United Ways of Washington Legislative Update - Week 5

Legislative activities heat up this week as we urge legislators to support initiatives that promote affordable housing, 211 funding and access to early learning and child care programs. 

Reminder of Advocacy Days this Week
–Representatives of United Ways of Washington and Washington 211 will be in Olympia on Tuesday, February 7 to advocate for the need for full funding of the 211 network in our state as well as the other priorities listed in the United Ways of Washington 2023 legislative framework.

– The Washington Low Income Housing Alliance is conducting a virtual advocacy push, starting with online organizing meetings on February 6 with virtual meetings with legislators on the following two days and finishing with a debrief session. Learn more and register for free.

House Bills Seeks Stability and Notice Regarding Rent Increases
The House Committee on Housing is considering a vote on H.B. 1389 which would limit the percentage of rent increases annually. Another housing stability bill, H.B. 1124, which requires six-month notice prior to rent increases of more than five percent, is now in the House Rules committee awaiting scheduling for a full floor vote.

Bill Would Broaden Eligibility for Working Families Tax Credit
H.B. 1075, which lowers the eligibility age requirement for the Working Families Tax Credit to 18, is scheduled for executive session by the House Committee on Finance on February 9. The Senate companion, S.B. 5249 is in Senate Committee Ways and Means which has not yet scheduled a vote. Here’s a list of Finance Committee members. Here is a list of Senate Ways and Means Committee members

House Committee Considers Increasing Access to Child Care Support
Last week, the House Committee on Human Services, Youth & Learning held a hearing on H.B. 1511, which would exempt social security benefits, social-security income and child support from being considered “income” when determining child care subsidy eligibility. TVW recording of that testimony. This bill, which should benefit single parents, parents with disabilities, grandparents and other seniors caring for children, is scheduled for a committee vote for Friday, Feb. 10. Comment on the bill.