Committee Action Expected on Some Bills This Week

In the third week of a 15-week session, bills of interest to the United Ways of Washington are already scheduled for committee vote with another hearing planned on housing stability proposals and some special attention by our senior U.S. Senator on child care. Read on to hear about all this.

Sen. Murray, Child Care Task Force Urge a Comprehensive Funding Solution
Last week, the Washington Child Care Collaborative Task Force presented recommendations from their latest report to the Senate Early Learning and K12 Committee, emphasizing the need to provide “comprehensive public funding solutions, for public and private programs alike, to stabilize and grow access to affordable child care in Washington.” This message was reinforced by a press conference led by U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington) held at our state capitol with several state Senators and Representatives in attendance. Here’s a video of that conference

House Committee Takes Up Rent Protection Proposals
The House Committee on Housing will take public testimony on H.B. 1388, which would extend consumer protection act provisions related to predatory rent practices to the landlord-tenant act, and H.B. 1389, which would regulate how rents are increased, on January 24 at 4 p.m. Here’s information on how to provide testimony either live, written or just to sign in for the bill.  

Committees to Vote on Legislation Affecting Housing & Working Families Credit
Up for executive action (possible committee vote) this week:

  • On Wednesday, a possible vote by the House Committee on Appropriations on H.B. 1218, which would require the state to forecast the number of people eligible for the Working Families Tax Credit beginning with the November 2023 forecast. You can leave a comment on HB 1218 here.

  • On Thursday, a possible vote by the House Committee on Housing on  H.B. 1124 which would require a six-month notice to tenants before raising rents by more than five percent. Comment on H.B. 1124  here.

  • On Friday, a possible vote by the House Committee on Human Services, Youth & Early Learning on H.B. 1186 which would make permanent the pilot program for child welfare housing assistance (Current pilot is operating in Lewis County). Comment on H.B. 1186 here.

Committee Work Continues on the Evergreen Basic Income Pilot Bill
House Bill 1045 would establish the Evergreen Basic Income Pilot Program, providing 24 monthly payments to up to 7,500 qualifying participants in an amount equal to 100 percent of the fair market rent for a two-bedroom dwelling unit in the county in which a participant resides. 

This year, the the Washington Department of Social and Health Services conducted Feasibility Study on basic income programs. And here is the TVW recording of the bill’s January 11 committee hearing (cued to the start of the bill’s hearing).


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