A Community Chest for Los Angeles (1854-1963)
Covers the early years of Los Angeles charitable work. Emphasizes the fundamental nature of United Way: gathers resources to fund and empower direct service providers. The idea of a community chest evolving into an umbrella organization for citywide charity.

Gathering a Powerful Coalition (1964-2002)
The first United Way is founded in 1964. The organization consolidates and morphs into its current form, with various appendages, services, and donation strategies becoming established. In 1995, the organization moves to the downtown Los Angeles location, symbolically confronting epicenters of poverty in this city.

Building Pathways Out of Poverty (2002-Present)
A shift toward current programmatic focus on combating poverty via housing, education, and financial work. “Tale of Two Cities” report (2002) introduces additional reports detailing the poverty problem – becoming the organization’s focus and vital mission.