UWPNW Washington Legislative Update - October 13, 2020

Our challenging year continues to test us in our unique roles to improve the common good in our communities and state. Read on to learn about how the United Ways of the Pacific Northwest (UWPNW) engagement in statewide coalitions seeks to align our policy priorities with the urgent need to tackle both COVID effects and racial equity concerns.  Read more

UWPNW Washington Legislative Update - August 3, 2020

Washington United Way executives held meetings in June with U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene from the First Congressional District and with staff from the offices of Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. This was part of United Way Worldwide’s virtual lobby initiative. The meetings covered the roles and actions United Ways are taking for COVID-19 response and recovery in their communities along with the critical policy and financial actions Congress and our Federal government need to take. Each meeting covered priority issues aligned with Worldwide’s national agenda for the next COVID funding package, including charitable donations deductions, enhanced EITC and emergency investments in child care, food security, medical assistance to states and 211. Our US Senators and Rep DelBene indicated their support of these requests and the meetings established stronger communications with United Way and their offices. With the Senate finally taking up this next funding package now, please take action now using Worldwide’s Fight for America's Recovery Asks Read more

UWPNW Washington Legislative Update - June 9, 2020

COVID-19, poverty and racial injustice weighs heavily on all our minds and is reprioritizing issues of significance to the United Ways of the Pacific Northwest. The pandemic has widened and called out systemic fissures in our society that make it difficult to promote healthy families. A consensus appears to be emerging among state and national advocacy groups that while short term relief is essential, it is time, in fact long overdue, for enduring structural solutions. UWPNW maintains engagement on these issues and their statewide coalitions on behalf of United Ways. Here is a run down of our advocacy positions on our key legislative priorities. Read more

UWPNW Washington Legislative Update COVID19 - April 10, 2020

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic justify a follow up regarding legislation and other activities.  Read more

UWPNW Washington Legislative Update - March 19, 2020

Despite being in the midst of our COVID-19 challenges, the 2020 Legislative Session is over but the work done by legislators, staff and advocates will extend beyond last week’s “sine die.”  Read on as to how this session furthered the legislative priorities of the United Ways of the Pacific Northwest. Read more

UWPNW Washington Legislative Update - March 10, 2020

Thursday is the last day of the 2020 regular Legislative Session. Some bills of interest have passed and all eyes are on the deepening impact of the coronavirus on the preparation of the supplemental budget. Read more

UWPNW Washington Legislative Update - March 03, 2020

This is the last full week of the 2020 Legislative Session. After Friday, the House and Senate will only consider non-budget related bills and bills that have passed both bodies but are in dispute in terms of final form. The recent stock market correction and the potential impact on our economy resulting from the corona virus may make for a more cautious budget approach this year. Thus, your support on these two priorities, is important. Read more

UWPNW Washington Legislative Update - February 26, 2020 - Budgets!

This is a critical week for timely advocacy as the Senate and House process the state's supplemental operating and capital spending plans. While the final numbers still need to be negotiated, we should expect an increased state investment in early learning and housing this year. Regarding the funding for the Washington 211 upgrade however, only the House budget at this time includes funding. Please consider taking the actions requested below.  Read more

UWPNW Washington Legislative Update - February 18, 2020

With about three and half weeks left in the 2020 Legislative Session, most of the Washington United Way issues rely on the outcome of this year’s supplemental operating and capital budget. Helping move discussion along is tomorrow’s adoption of the latest revenue forecast. Read more

UWPNW Washington Legislative Update - February 11, 2020

There's only about a month left in the 2020 session and this week is a key committee deadline. And even though there is always a way around deadlines, many bills will be considered dead or at least dormant after Tuesday. Now is a good time to engage on our issues. Read more


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