Legislative Update - February 9, 2022 - United Way Pacific Northwest

The next important legislative deadline is February 15 when all bills must at least have been approved by the body it originated from. Therefore, only Senate bills approved by the Senate and House bills approved by the House after that date will be considered active for the remainder of 2022 session. Here’s a few bills to watch and possibly take action on this week. 

Initiatives to Combat Young People Homelessness
The House has the opportunity to vote on House Bill 1905 which would create a state rapid response team to support the housing needs of young adults exiting a publicly funded system of care as promised by RCW 43.33.720.  The bill currently rests in House Rules Committee. Meanwhile, the Senate could take action on Senate Bill 5566 which would expand eligibility of the Independent Youth Housing Program to formerly dependent youth up to age 25 and youth receiving extended foster care services. This program provides rental assistance and case management services, through five contracted agencies located throughout the state, to eligible youth who have aged out of our foster care system. The bill is on the Second Reading Calendar for consideration by the full Senate.

Extending Time Limit for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
House Bill 2048 calls for rule changes that apply to hardship time limit extensions (when TANF is issued beyond the lifetime 60-month limit). This bill is also in House Rules Committee.

Linking Health Care with Being Housed
House Bill 1866 would create the Apple Health and Homes Program intended to provide a 12-month renewable permanent supportive housing benefit to medical assistance enrollees who meet eligibility criteria related to medical risk factors and barriers to finding stable housing. The bill sits in House Rules Committee. 

Imagination Library Bill in House Rules As Well
House Bill 2068, which would formally create the Imagination Library program in Washington (currently operating through United Way of Pacific Northwest), was approved by the House policy committee and now awaits attention by the full House. 

Here is How to Show Your Support
Follow the links to any of the bills you support above and click on the “Comment on this Bill” tab on the right. If you know any of the House Rules Committee members, please send them a message directly asking them to “pull” the bill from the Rules committee and add the bill to the floor calendar. Thank you.


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