Stages of a Legislator’s Relationship – In Pursuit of a Champion

Here’s a way of assessing your relationship with your legislators that also point to how you may deepen that relationship. You might find that you put check marks in some categories under more than one stage. That’s great. Keep working at it.


Relationship Benchmark


Rep. 1

Rep. 2




Getting to know them

I know their names.




I have them on our mailing list for news releases and events.




We have met and introduced ourselves at least once.




I’ve invited them to a United Way event.




I recognize them when I see them and I look familiar to them.








Becoming an Advocate

I have emailed them about an issue.




I have called their offices about an issue.




I’ve had at least one conversation with their staff about an issue.




I’ve received a non-generic response from them.




I’ve talked with them directly about an issue




I’ve met with them in Olympia




I’ve had a meeting with them outside of Olympia






Establishing a Champion

They or staff alerted me to an issue or development.




They or their staff called me with a question.




They have asked my opinion.




They have asked me for ideas.




They have championed one of my ideas.




 Tim Sweeney & Paul Knox – DRAFT November 2017