ECEAP Message

The Children's Alliance has issued the following action alert concerning House Bill 2659. 

  • Reach out to House Early Learning & Human Services Committee Members to share your support for the bill and ask them to pass HB 2659. See new talking points to support this advocacy attached and pasted at the bottom of this update.
  • Sign in PRO at the hearing this Friday. If you are unable to be present, you can send your name and organization to [email protected] and we will sign you in.



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WA Kids Ready to Learn

HB 1508- WA kids Ready to Learn passes House! Action Alert - January 10, 2017

Just three days into session and we have our first victory. This morning the Washington State House of Representatives passed HB 1508  - WA Kids Ready to Learn. This is the bill we have been advocating for over the last few years because it will make it easier for students across Washington to access school breakfast. Big thanks to Representative Stonier for her leadership in getting this passed.

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